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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Understanding the essentials of backup and disaster recovery is critical for minimizing the impact of unplanned downtime on your business.

Businesses spend a lot of time building their proprietary data and information. That information can often hold the key to a competitive advantage in the market. Data loss from threats or disasters can lead to upset customers, lost revenue, and potentially bankruptcy, e.g.

Silverport with backup as a service helps protect and retrieve critical business data, monitor the health of your data protection environment and comply with government and industry regulations. It manages your data backup with robust on-site, off-site and hybrid cloud–based security.

With a detailed discussion of your business needs and your company workflows, together we make a backup and disaster recovery plan that meets:

  • Security and encryption

  • Ease of management

  • Reliable replication

  • Maintain compliance standards

  • Zero impact on performance

  • Quick access to data from network

  • Scalability

  • Virtualized deployments

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

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