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IT Systems

Assisting and Advising clients on technology and IT-related systems

Team Working in the System Room

Infrastructure Services

We can:

  • Advise

  • Design

  • Upgrade

  • Operate

  • Support

Αll the equipment of a modern office.

We can build together a stable, always-on work environment.

Network & Communication

Your network is the most critical piece of IT infrastructure in your entire office. 

We keep your business connected by helping ensure your network is:

  • Available

  • Reliable

  • Scalable


Software Services

Night shift

With our extensive experience in specialiσed products from major software manufacturers we can provide:

  • Workflow design and deployment

  • Installation assistance

  • Usability assistance

  • Troubleshooting

  • Remote Help Desk

Monitoring Services

To ensure systems operation, we collect and retrieve data from:

  • System logs

  • User logins and VPN logins

  • System updates

  • Network and internet

  • Data storage health and availability 

  • Application performance

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